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Update and Upcoming Meeting

Hello friends,
Many of you may already know about the Santolina Master Plan which encompasses 13,700 acres which are part of the Atrisco Land Grant.

After yesterday’s Bernalillo County Planning Commission (CPC) hearing on the Santolina Master Plan, a number of us thought we should meet as soon as possible and continue our work to oppose the Plan. We originally scheduled a meeting for June 11th, but now we will meet next Tuesday, June 3rd at 6:00pm at the SouthWest Organizing Project’s office. We will meet at SWOP’s Jóvenes office which is at 1002-A Park Ave. (just around the corner from SWOP’s main office on 10th St.)

On Tuesday of this week a number of us met in preparation for yesterday’s CPC meeting. We thought it would be good to set up subcommittees to deal with specific issues. We formed one committee to work on a public educational forum for late June or early July. We formed another committee to work on a power mapping/analysis to better understand what we are up against. We will discuss this more next week. We will also start planning for the next CPC hearing on Santolina.

Yesterday’s CPC meeting was very interesting. A number of commissioners really slammed the Santolina representatives, especially around the water. The next CPC hearing on Santolina will be July 30, 2014, 9am at the Vincent E Griego Chambers at City Hall. The Albuquerque Journal reported on the hearing today and here is one quote from their article:

“If the applicant can’t address the water situation, we’re wasting our time,” planning commissioner Lenton Malry said at one point.

For more information on the Santolina Master Plan you can check out the new FaceBook page and blog. Thanks to Virginia for the great work on this.

Contra Santolina blog:

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Hope to see you next Tuesday.

Roberto Roibal – SWOP