Monthly Archives: January 2015

Important Update Regarding the Santolina Master Plan

Important update to our allies and supporters: We wanted to let everyone know that we have continued our efforts against the approval of the Santolina Master Plan. As many of you know, Santolina was recommended for approval by 4 of the Bernalillo County Planning Commission board members (Joe Chavez, Toby Atencio, Irene Serna, and Connie Chavez) on December 3rd. The community (Southwest Organizing Project, New Mexico Health Equity Working Group, Pajarito Village Association, South Valley Neighborhood Coalition, South Valley Regional Association of Acequias, and the Center for Social Sustainable Sytems) has organized and has filed appeals against approval of the Santolina Master Plan. The hearing has been set for MARCH 25TH @ 1:30 pm, please join us! You can also show your support by calling the Bernalillo County Commissioners (Debbie O’Malley, Art de la Cruz, Maggie Hart Stebbins, Lonnie Talbert, and Wayne Johnson @ 505-314-0350/505-468-7000) to let them know loud and clear that we do NOT support the Santolina Master Plan. We will NOT support a massive and unneeded development that will negatively impact our communities!